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Location: St. Andrew's Church, Gorleston.
When? Fortnightly on a Monday evening. Check out the dates below!
Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm


The reason behind the name:

There are two main reasons for the name Zip:

1. When it's cold outside naturally you would zip up your coat or jacket in order to keep the warmth in. By doing this, ultimately you are reducing your body's heat loss and therefore making it easier to maintain your body's core temperature. In the same way we want to equip young people to zip up their jackets of faith so that their faith stays with them wherever they go. Therefore making it easier for them to maintain the Christian life they are called to. 

2. A zip is made up of many small pieces of metal which when put together create the structure of a zip. Faith is much like this. It is built piece by piece. Zip aims to equip young people with more pieces to help build their faith.









In Ephesians 3:17 the word of God is referred to as 'the sword of the Spirit'. The word of God is a very powerful weapon in the arsenal of any Christian. However, just like a sword, for it to be effective you need to know how to use it. Similarly, in order for the Bible to truly impact our lives we must spend time learning how best to read it and apply its teaching to our lives today. Zip is our discipleship programme where we do exactly that. We study the Bible together and discuss various questions to encourage people to think more widely in order to gain a greater understanding. As part of this programme there is also the opportunity to be mentored by some of our team.

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